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High power testing facility


A research-and-production office of superconducting current limiters has a high power testing facility. A bank of capacitors with a total energy consumption 1,8 MJ and maximum voltage 10 kV is being used as a source of current.

Test facility parameters



Energy at 6 kV, MJ


Capacitance in parallel capacitors connection, mF


Rated voltage in parallel capacitors connection, kV


Capacitance in series-parallel capacitors connection, mF


Rated voltage in series-parallel capacitors connection, kV


Quantity of capacitors


Capacitance of one capacitor, μF


Rated voltage of one capacitor, kV


Total inductance, mH

1.6 – 18

Inductance of the reactor pole, mH


Quantity of reactor’s poles


Resistance of the ballasting resistor, Ohm

0.1 – 3.4


The bank of capacitors consists of 18 capacitors, such as BIOENERGY D-65C 5600-600 produced by ICAR company (Italy). A capacitance of one capacitor is 5600 μF, rated voltage - 6 kV. А test facility is equipped with PNCN-6-200-2,0 reactor and an active controllable ballasting resistor. The reactor construction is made in triple execution; a combination of poles allows to get different values of the inductance. А metal ballasting resistor is adjustable up to 3.4 Ohm.

Modes of operation of the test facility

Mode’s name

Limit parameters

Aperiodic discharge

Imax ≤ 20 кА, timpulse ≤ 300 ms on half-height

Oscillating discharge

Imax ≤ 20 кА, when f=50 Hz

Pulse discharge

Imax ≤ 500 кА


A triggered vacuum switch with time of switching on about ten microsecond is used at the test facility, as a switching device. An equipment is protected by a high speed vacuum circuit breaker during the test, or by shunting the testing object by the triggered vacuum switch.

The laboratory has modern diagnostic equipments to measure pulse currents and voltages.

Current and voltage measurements are made using different sensors. A current measurement is made by a current transducer with the Hall effect produced by LEM company (Switzerland), or the Rogowsky coil produced by ALGODUE ELETTRONICA (Italy), or a coaxial shunt produced by HILO-TEST (Germany). A voltage drop is measured by a voltage transducer with the Hall effect produced by LEM (Switzerland) or a broadband voltage divider with capacitive compensation produced by HILO-TEST (Germany).

Measuring sensors

Sensor’s name

Sensor’s type

Measurement range

Current transducer


0 ÷ 1,5 кА


0 ÷ 6 кА

The Rogowsky coil


0 ÷  250 кА


ISM 50/2

0 ÷  20 кА

Voltage transducer


0 ÷ 2500 V

CV 3-2000

0 ÷ 2000 V

Broadband high-voltage divider


0 ÷ 10 kV


The results of current and voltage measurements are registered by oscilloscopes DPO 4034 (Tektronix) with possible further processing on PC.

The test facility is fabricated in accordance with normative documents.

The test facility can be used for testing superconducting fault current limiters and other high voltage equipments for different applications.

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